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Club History

Ground was broken on the old Coquillard Farm for the "Coquillard Golf Club" in the fall of 1923. Its membership was to be from a coterie of persons to whom golf was second nature. Actual play on the course first took place in June of 1926. The first clubhouse was also completed in 1926, using some timber from fallen trees on the grounds.

In 1939 there was a deep concern regarding the future of Coquillard Golf Club. Loyal members met in July of 1939 to prevent the 135-acre establishment from being operated as a public park. Through the influence of E.M. Morris, a group of contributors were able to purchase the Coquillard Golf Club and establish a private country club. Morris Park Country Club, named in honor of E.M. Morris was established in 1939.

Since the inception of Morris Park Country Club, many improvements have been made to the golf course and the clubhouse. The swimming pool was opened in 1953 and in the early 1970's four tennis courts and the tennis pro shop were built. The tennis courts were resurfaced in July, 2019 and now include pickleball courts. Major renovations and additions to the clubhouse were completed in 1963, 1974, 1981, 2003, 2013 and most recently, our exciting 2nd Century Project, which was completed in the first quarter 2021. The 2nd Century Project includes a completely new pool complex and the renovation and repurposing of the current clubhouse, as well as new construction added to the east side of the clubhouse.

Standing in the heart of the city of South Bend, Indiana, Morris Park Country Club encompasses the very finest in recreational and social activities and facilities... the purpose for which it was organized.